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FMP: How I created my 2015 photos — June 11, 2015

FMP: How I created my 2015 photos

For my 2015 photos I wanted to create the illusion that the photos were taken in the past and so they would be slightly worn away, with an old colour tint to them. To create this I used a film strip border (background) which was a brown, worn colour with areas of the strip where the colours were faded.

As for my photos I decided that I wanted to take photos of abandoned buildings and land that was slightly destroyed. To create the atmosphere I needed for these photos I used Photoshop, which I used to edit the lighting of my photos, the colouring and tried out different effects. For the lighting I merely changed the vibrancy of the photos so that they weren’t as bright and cheery as the 2025 photos, I dimmed the lighting and changed the shadows so that the darker areas stood out more. This made my photos more gloomy and therefore created a gloomy atmosphere. For the colouring of the photos, I was lucky enough to shoot my photographs on a day with bad weather which made the sky darker and more grey. But when on Photoshop added a black & white effect to them and lowered the opacity so that the black & white just made the photos darker, rather than changing the colour.

Flaxmill (fence)

FMP: Final Production Photos — June 10, 2015

FMP: Final Production Photos

Below are my Final Major Project finished photos, which I am very pleased with. I am pleased with the finished look of all of my photos because I think that the amount of hard work that I put into each of them has finally paid off. My favourite photo from the 2015 set is possibly the Flax mill photo, which is the photo of an old building with scaffolding on, and a blurred out green fence. I like this photo the most because not only do I think I managed to achieve the right atmosphere I was aiming for but I think the way I have captured the fence with my camera give the illusion that the building is actually abandoned.

Building   Flaxmill (fence)

Sea   Power Station

Potter   Flaxmill 2

The next set of photos below are my 2025 photos which I even more pleased with than my 2015 photos, as I think the vibrancy, colours and lighting in each photo is good and they all turned out exactly how I had hoped them to. My favourite photos in this set is definitely the forest photo, with the sun glaring through the trees. I like this one because I think I did well on capturing the sun as well as keeping detail in the photo, such as with the trees and grass. With this photo I got a lot of compliments from my peers who said it looked very professional, they also said this about a few other of my photos, which I was very happy with.

Dingle                   forest

Leighton                   Sunset

tulip                   whitby

Overall, I am very pleased with each of my photos for different reasons, and I think my peers liked them too.

FMP: Photo Shoot Planning — June 9, 2015
FMP: Looking at Lighting Styles — May 14, 2015

FMP: Looking at Lighting Styles

All of the images below have the same sort of theme running through them and the same style in the way they are taken. The lighting links them together in similarities; most of these look as though they were taken with the camera flash on which creates a slight shadow on the flowers or where the flash does not hit. The sunlight in each photo is behind the flowers which makes the flowers stand out as the main appeal of the photographs. I think if I was to create a similar lighting effect it would draw my audiences eyes to the main appeal of my photographs as well.








Resources: Images from Tumblr (no link available).

FMP: Trying Out Effects (Newspaper Background) — May 13, 2015
FMP: Trying Out Effects (Old Backgrounds) — May 11, 2015

FMP: Trying Out Effects (Old Backgrounds)

Old Backgrounds 
While looking on the internet for idea on how to edit my photos I came across an example like the ones below, however the example I found the artist had used different colours to swipe across the images, whereas I have layered the old paper styled image on top of my photographs and erased (rubbed out) the areas I wanted to be shown. I really like this effect because it creates the effect that a picture is being slowly revealed. Flowers RO

Forest RO

Pond RO

River RO


Sunset RO

View RO

Whitby RO

FMP: Trying Out Effects (Oil Effect) — May 7, 2015

FMP: Trying Out Effects (Oil Effect)

Oil Effect 

Before heading straight into photography I used some of the shots I had already taken to practise my skills on and to explore the effects that are on Photoshop. By doing this I was able to try out different things which could make my photographs more interesting to look at and more appealing. I was able to create the effect below by using an oil painting effect. I loved the way it looked some of my photos as it added a really creative texture to them and made the photograph look less realistic and as though they were painted. However, I don’t think I will use this for my final photographs as the texture and effect isn’t as noticeable on some photos as others.

Even though I will not be using this effect I still think it was worth my time as I was able to expand my skills and knowledge on Photoshop as well as allowing me to explore the different styles and effects to choose from.
Blossom OE
Dingle OE

Forest OE

Sunset OE

Flowers OE

Tulip OE