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Project Three: Evaluation — October 21, 2014

Project Three: Evaluation

Production Title: 3D Logo Animation
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin
Please place a tick in the box according to your opinion:
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Story F



Narrative F



Characters F



Visuals F



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Post-production F M


Presentation F



Audience M F


Overall Rating F



Visuals: The visual aspect of my logo, I think, turned out well. It wasn’t at first as I planned and looked quite dull but adding the texture to the main pieces, as well as adding animation made my logo look a lot better. I am pleased with the ratings my peers gave me for my visuals as they all thought it was good. I am pleased with my visuals as I had never used Blender before so for a newbie at this I think the way I approached my visual ideas is good. However, I think there could have been a lot more to look at to make my animation more interesting.

Sound: My sound turned out badly, I couldn’t find a sound to use that went with the animation. Anything I did try sounded wrong against the movements. In the end I managed to find sound for my logo, instead of using a simple short sound effect I used a jingle, as I couldn’t find anything that suited. But I like this jingle because I think it makes the whole animation more interesting and compared to professional work it went well. As most professional work I looked at either had little or no sound.

 Production: The production; planning my logo and research went really well. I managed to find the research I needed and come up with ideas on how I wanted my logo to look. However, the making of my logo was a lot trickier and took a long time to get to how I wanted. But in the end the finished result was good.

Presentation: For the presentation I gave myself a good because I thought the animation was presented well but not to an excellent quality. It was presented clearly and showed the logo clearly as well as being clear to what the logo was for. My peers also agreed with me and said the presentation was good, which I am pleased with as I put a lot of work into how I wanted my logo to be presented.

Audience: I only gave myself an OK for the audience because I personally think that the logo should have had more of an aimed audience. If I was to aim my logo at a younger audience I would have used more sounds, brighter colours and maybe more movement. Whereas if my audience was aimed at older ages I would have slowed the animation down and put more formal effect on it, like sound. However, I think for the fact that there is no direct audience for my logo, it suits every age or gender so would appeal to nearly anyone.

Overall Rating: My overall rating for my logo is good from myself and my peers. I am pleased with this because of the amount of effort and work I put into creating my logo as well as the amount understanding it took to learn how to edit and put effect on my logo, using a piece of software I had never used before. For my overall logo I think it worked out well, even though half way through the production I realised my idea would be too tricky to go ahead with and changed all of my work and idea to suit my skills. I think even though I strayed from my mood board and storyboard I think my animation as a whole went to plan and looked good. Although I think when editing my animation in Adobe Premiere Pro I should have made my logo last slightly longer.


Project Three: Finished 3D Logo —

Project Three: Finished 3D Logo

My final 3D logo didn’t turn  out how I expected it to be. I changed my ideas multiple times throughout the deisgn process as many of the things I tried didn’t turn out how I wanted them, and many ideas were quite difficult to create as I had only ever use the software once before. My first original idea was a paint splat, with random music notes around it, that had the words ‘Splash Records’ as this was the title I had chosen at the time. However this turned out to be quite difficult to make 3D. So final I settled on creating a vinyl with the title ‘Blue Velvet Records’ (I chose this title because it gave a more formal feel to and went with the blues I had used in the design). I kept the music notes because they resembled the music aspect, and I chose a vinyl because not only did it go with the record and music aspect but it was much easier to make appear 3D. I chose to make the vinyl appear first, by spinning onto the screen, then the music notes followed by also spinning onto the screen. I did this because it gave something a little more fun to watch than simply placing the objects on the screen.

Compared to the professionals work I researched I think my logo should have more bright colours or maybe do a bit more than spin onto the screen. However many of the logos I looked at didn’t move at all or they had little movement. My logo also included music which I thought was a bit more fun than just sound effects which is what other logos had. So compared to more formal professionals I like my logo and think it is quite fun, but compared to other less formal professional examples I don’t think my logo is a good as I hoped.


Primary & Secondary/Professional Research —

Primary & Secondary/Professional Research


For my primary researching this project I practised using Blender before creating my finished logo. This helped me to understand how the software worked and gave me an insight to how I could approach the creation stage of making my logo. During my primary research as a class we had to create a humanoid using Blender. I found this very useful because it helped me to practise making certain objects and gave me inspiration towards my logo.


For my secondary research I researched different professional logos in order to collect ideas and see how they approach different ideas. This turned out very useful because I could see how professionals plan their work and how they create their 3D logos. I also researched job roles to find out what jobs link to 3D animation, I found all of the information on creativeskillset. I did this so that I could see what skills are required for jobs as well as to explore what jobs are involved in 3D animation.


I researched examples of professional logos, the examples I found were MGM, Pixar, Universal and Warner Bros. I chose these because they were all movie logos and my first idea was to do a movie logo. Then with more research I decided that there were too many movie logos already and decided to create a music logo for a record company as you don’t see record companies that sell vinyls anymore.



Project Three:

Monday 20th October
To start off with my project I did research about different types of logos and the companies they represent. This allowed me to collect ideas about the type of logo I wanted to do and for what company I wanted it to represent. I also researched job roles that are involved in 3D Animation. The two I chose to write about were game animator and a computer animator, working in 3D. I also came up with 16 different designs and names for my Logo to help me chose which one I preferred and what looked best. Each was slightly different and involved different aspects from the company I chose (which was a music company).

Job Roles within 3D Animation — October 20, 2014

Job Roles within 3D Animation

Project Three:

Animator (3D computer animation)

Computer Animators produce images which, when recorded in sequence and projected, create the illusion of movement. A computer animator will need to have a feel for movement and timing, possess creative and artistic qualities, along with the appropriate technical skills, have observational skills and acting talent, for character work, have good communication and team-working skills and pay close attention to detail. To become a Computer Animator, it will help you to gain a degree in computer animation, computer science or similar, or in an art-related subject.

Animator (Games): Animators in the games industry are responsible for the portrayal of movement and behaviour. Often this is applied to give life to game characters and creatures, but sometimes animations are also applied to other elements such as objects, scenery, and environmental effects. A games animator will need to have knowledge of traditional and computer 2D and 3D animation techniques, be creative and imaginative, have knowledge of full motion video (FMV), be able to work as part a team and also on your own initiative, be able to take responsibility for organising your work within the production schedule, managing files and meeting deadlines and understand the production process. Along with many many other skills.

Resources: and

Logo Research: MGM company —

Logo Research: MGM company

Project Three: 


MGM is an American media company, involved primarily in the production.

I think the idea of the logo being an animal attracts many people, as does the roar. However, the title of the logo isn’t very catchy or well known, which doesn’t make it very appealing to some people or easily recognizable. Although the lion is well known to be used in many movies throughout different genres.

I chose this logo because it has noise in every time it is seen on movies etc. which many of the other logos I researched didn’t have. The sounds effects go well with the logo and really stand out. The logos without sounds or music are slightly more boring and unappealing which make this logo more entertaining to watch.

Logo Research: Universal Studios —

Logo Research: Universal Studios

Project Three:


Universal Studios Inc. (also known as Universal Pictures), is an American film studio, owned by Comcast.

This logo appealed to me mainly because of how high the quality is, being such a well known logo means it has to be interesting and appealing to look at.  It has a unique animation and the image goes well with the name of the company, which is hard to find now a days. The logo barely changed design which is ideal so that people can recognise it easily, which is hard to do if the logo is always changing design. As the animation of the logo is very basic and rather dull (the writing twirling around the world) it doesn’t catch my interest as much as the other Logos.