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Project Six: Professional Work — December 16, 2014

Project Six: Professional Work

For this project I had to research professional examples of work such as for our practice video we had to do a western style theme video, before filming we had to do a critical analysis on a YouTube clip called ‘A Few Dollars More’ which is an Italian western film. When watching this short clip of the video we has to watch it thoroughly so that we could get some ideas to use towards our own practice western them shoot out video, which helped as it included camera shots and angles which are important when filming.

Project Six: Primary & Secondary Research —

Project Six: Primary & Secondary Research

Primary: When collecting my research I was able to do a practice video, in the style of a western shoot out. At first I had the idea to film outside on the college field so that the atmosphere would be better and the weather would be dark and dreary, which would add to the whole effect on the video, creating a dark environment. But as me nor my peers really knew how to use a film camera the quality turned out to be really bad as we moved the camera too much and the weather became a safety issue, as well as making my shots look really bad. But me and my peers who played my models decided that maybe shooting our video in the college would better as we could use the tripod without it being wonky on the mud and shoot without the weather changing. When it came to filming my actual video I was able to do it much better because I had practice with the western shoot out video, so I understood how to use the camera more, and I also understood how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, which I used to put together and edit my videos.

Secondary: When finding my research for both general information on video production and job roles I found both this information helpful to firstly plan and influence my ideas and to see what certain job roles within the production sector requires. I also researched the different types of camera shots and effects so that I could learn how to make my production better.

Project Six: Evaluation of Final Video —

Project Six: Evaluation of Final Video

Production Evaluation
Production Title: Shrewsbury College Library
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin
Please place a tick in the box according to your opinion:
Poor OK Good Excellent N/A
Story M J D
Narrative M J D
Characters M J D
Visuals M J D
Sound M J D
Production M J D
Post-production M J D
Presentation M J D
Audience M J D
Overall Rating M J D
In your own words detail what you think the strengths and weaknesses of the production are compared to a professional example and key things you have learnt:
Overall I think the finished result of my promotional video was very good as most of my peers agreed, judging by the results. This is compared to my research, the videos I watched for inspiration, which all influenced my thinking in how I wanted to film my video. Therefore there are aspects in my video that are noticeable in the research. However I personally think the sound is a weakness in this production. This is because the background noise is very loud and the speech from my actor is rather quiet. To fix this I got the help of my tutor Paula and she showed me how to use audition and how to blend out the background noise while still keeping the sound of the speech at a reasonable level. I think this worked really well, as after I had edited the sound I could hear the speech a lot more clearly. I added music into my video and silenced the parts where my actor wasn’t speaking because it added a more interesting feel to the production. I think this worked very well because I chose Christmas music (as it was in December time) and as there were shots of a Christmas tree in my video, this meant the music went with the shots in the video and was more entertaining. From looking at my research I discovered that different types of camera shots worked really well and were very effective in making the video more interesting. After looking at a particular example in my research, this was a short clip from ‘A Fist Full of Dollars’ (, I decided that I really liked the zoom shots and close ups from it. I used this research to influence my video by adding more close ups and zoom shots into my own work. I was really impressed with some of the zoom shots I had taken as they made my video a lot more interesting than it was with basic, straight on shots etc.  For more inspiration to make my video better I looked at the western shootout I did for practice, doing the western shootout really helped me to practice with a film camera as well as putting pieces of film together and editing them. I took the idea of panning from my western shootout, which I thought helped make the shots of the library more interesting and allowed me to try something different.   While researching for examples of styles of camera shots I noticed that a lot of popular camera shots that are using in film are wide shots. This is because it gives a clear view of the entire scene. I decided to incorporate this into my production because I realised that, just like my research videos, a wide shot gave my audience a clear, and well shot view of each area in the library. I thought this turned out relatively well, however the shots should have been longer and thought out more as many of them didn’t fit in as they should, these shots were cut out from my production. By cutting out scenes I was able show my progression while making my video.
Project Six: Final Video —

Project Six: Final Video

My final video didn’t turn out how I wanted it too because the way I filmed didn’t go very well. I came across a few difficulties with filming, the first was the sound as the camera didn’t pick up the speech as very well and the background noise was quite noisy so I had to upload the sound waves onto audition to edit the background noise out. The second problem I came across was the panning, it was difficult to pan around without the camera from shaking, even on a tripod. It was also difficult to pan at the right speed, firstly I panned too fast and the video shook and secondly I panned too slow so the video was too long.

However, even though this I was the first time I had ever filmed before I think the video all together went very well. The zooming parts of my video I think are the best parts as they had a really cool effect. Compared to the professionals work I researched I think I could have made certain shots better and maybe included a few interesting shot types or position the camera differently.

Project Six – Scene Overview — December 9, 2014
Project Six – Scene List —

Project Six – Scene List

Production Scene List:  A short brief of what each scene is and who will be doing what.

Scene One: Reception – Megan’s Video
Introducing the Reception and the main entrance area. Finley acting and introducing the details of the reception.

Scene Two: Common Room/Dinner Hall – Jess’s Video
Introducing the Common Room/Dinner Hall and talking through the details of what it is. Explain it’s new. Daisy acting.

Scene Three: Library – Finley’s Video
Introducing the new Library and the seating area. Explain it is new and what people can do there.

Scene Four: Media Room – Daisy’s Video
Introduce two new rooms for the media course. Explain what goes on and the equipment used.


Project Six – Production Risk Assessment —

Project Six – Production Risk Assessment

Hazards: Hazard Details:
Are there any risks to the crew or actors from the environment including heights, drops, weather etc.? In rainy weather the camera may get wet and give a member of the crew an electric shock. To prevent this we can use an umbrella or rain protective cover when using equipment outside in bad weather.


When filming near roads or dangerous area someone may step into the road. We need to warn the entire crew of the road and to watch where they are stepping.


The building works that are going on around the college is a danger due to when walking around it can cause distractions when using the camera equipment. People in the crew may get in the way of the builders or accidentally step onto the works when filming.

Are there any risks to the crew or actors in the set including wet, slippery, unclean or badly surfaced floors, faulty or inappropriate equipment, chemicals or hazardous substances etc.? Floors can be slippery from cleaning and food/drink items so someone may slip. Also the chairs and tables can cause accidents by people walking into them and injuring themselves.


Some areas of the college can be very busy causing members of the crew to bump into people and possibly breaking equipment or injuring someone.


Wires from equipment can be lose or left around causing people to trip over them, we need to make sure all wires and spare equipment is safely put away and kept out of the way.

Are there any risks to the crew or actors during filming that training may be required for? General understanding and knowledge of health and safety and hazards around you. And the environment you’re in.


How to use the equipment and cameras to expand knowledge and not break equipment or hurt ourselves.


We were asked to fill in a risk assessment to ensure we knew all the hazards that come with being out and about filming. This was very helpful because I was able to acknowledge all of the risks we would encounter while filming and how we can prevent them.