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Project Seven: Evaluation — February 7, 2015

Project Seven: Evaluation

Production Title: Interactive Story
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin


Poor OK Good Excellent N/A
Story L M


Narrative M



Characters M



Visuals J


Sound M J


Interactivity M


Production M



Post-production M



Audience M



Overall Rating M


Peer 1 please provide constructive feedback:
Evaluated by Jess:

In my opinion I think that you should have done your own visuals with the werewolf and the forest so that it was your own work and not somebody else’s from the internet. I think you should have added more buttons for the interactivity to be more fluent. Also add more sound to the story as the marks are towards the sound and interactivity. However all the buttons I did see are working properly and it was fun to read and listen to the sound you have used, all in all a good piece of evidence within the story. I loved the entertainment and what the objects were about.

Peer 2 please provide constructive feedback:
Evaluated by Finley:

The visuals aren’t consistent throughout the game and went from cartoon to photo realistic. All the buttons worked fine and I was able to follow the story with ease.

Peer 3 please provide constructive feedback:
Evaluated by Lewis:

This interactive story is very short to what it shows at the beginning. The start of the story shows a wolf, this part of the story shows no dialog to what to click. Of course there is a button shape at the bottom right of the screen indicating that you have to click it. This interactivity for the story is very good as when you click the button it goes to the next scene. The next scene shows many different options. The options are shown in boxes that indicate that they are buttons. These buttons interact to go to 3 different scenes the scenes music does not change, throughout but it is just continuous. Within these 3 separate scenes there is a button which is not got a transparent background and could have been deleted to just show a clock as the image shows. Altogether this story has good music to show in the background whilst going through the story.

In your own words detail what you think the strengths and weaknesses of the production :
Strengths: Overall my strengths within this project are clearly my story, narrative and the ability to direct my production to the ideal audience. My peers gave me good for my story and narrative which I am pleased with as I used the story I wrote from another project to influence this project as I came up with a lot of ideas to use for this project. I also think I did well on the production stage as I was able to create my production in time as I used my planning produce efficiently. When making my interactive story it ran smoothly together and all of the buttons work, as well as leading the player to where I wanted it to, which I am very pleased with.

Weaknesses: I think my overall production was to a good standard but I think if I had better visuals and chosen more sounds effects it would be better overall. I kept my production simple and plain which I liked but I think it made the interactive story a little boring. I also think my images and visuals should have been a lot better, as do my peers, if I had spent more time with the details of my images then they would be better and more interesting. I think that my sound should have been a lot better as my peers rated it as ok which I am not very pleased with, I could have improved my sound by adding better music and possibly adding sound effects to the buttons or as the scene changes.

Think about the planning materials you created, did you follow them? If not why? Did the production change at all while you were making it?
I used my lesson planner to plan out my lessons and to help me to keep track of what I needed to do for that following day. I stuck to this planner because it helped me to remember what I needed to do and was a great time saver.

I also had a checklist to follow which had all the things I needed to complete on, I did follow this but didn’t follow the order it was written in because I found that my own way of doing the tasks were easier than following the checklist.

My production changed a lot from the planning to actually creating it. I changed a lot of small things to make my interactive story better or for things to fit into the time limit.

What did you learn through doing this project? Did you develop any skills?
Throughout this project I have learnt how to use some aspects on Flash and how to use the basic tools in this software. I have also learnt how to create an interactive story based on my own ideas and how to develop them. One important thing I have learn from this project is how to manage my time efficiently using my lesson plan. I think the things I have learnt from this project will help me to progress better within my next projects.


Soundtrack Planning —

Soundtrack Planning

Production Title: Interactive Story: Werewolf
Student Name/s: Megan
Scene/Shot no: All scenes
Duration: Entire duration of story
Recording Location:
Description: At first I wanted to use different sounds for different effects but after playing through my story and due to the time limit I chose a tune to be played all throughout the story.
Production Notes: From the website listed above I chose a piece called Tomorrow.

I chose a simple piece of music for my interactive story because then it would not take the attention away from what is going on in the story, but still remained entertaining enough.

Critical Review: Idea Development — January 27, 2015

Critical Review: Idea Development

  • I used my different ideas from project five, which was writing a story based on A Hero’s Journey, and used these ideas to influence my interactive story. I completed different mind maps to scatter out my ideas and choose which ones were best and which I didn’t like. I created three mind maps, one for my general ideas, one for environments and one for characters. This helped me to narrow down and sort out my ideas for not only the main story but the characters and environments.
  • The main mind map included my general ideas; so things from how I would create the story to what the story is about. I kept most of my ideas from this mind map as they were easy enough to create and didn’t put strain on my time limit. Although I did change some ideas to expand and develop them. The ideas I didn’t include were things that would have been too difficult to create or for the audience to understand.
  • Before creating my mind maps I created a survey to get an understanding of what ages and genders my audience consisted of and what aspects they like in a story or game. Doing this survey helped me to narrow down ideas and create mind maps which involved the aspects that my audience liked. Most of my audience were ages 16+ and like fantasy or horror which means I will be creating an interactive story for ages 16+ but will need to be a PG rating.


Critical Review: Planning —

Critical Review: Planning

  • My pitch went very well with my tutor because they gave me constructive criticism which helped me to build and improve on my ideas. It also helped me narrow down which ideas I wanted to go with and helped me to tweak my planning and improve the time limit. My tutor liked my ideas and story so I kept everything and started planning how I was going to create it.
  • When creating my flowchart as a scene plan I kept in mind the how I wanted each scene to go and what I wanted to include in each scene. I started out with my planning as the character acting out the actions but decided that this would be too difficult to create every little move, so instead I change the view so that the player only sees through the characters eyes.
  • While planning each scene I had to consider an easy but fairly hard place for each object to hide. If the objects were too easy to find the story would be boring and if they were too hard to find the player would get frustrated. I had to create environments that went with the story but didn’t have loads of small places for the objects to hide.
Critical Review: Research —

Critical Review: Research

  • My research is influenced through the professional examples I look at, this could be from looking at images online or looking through books. I use the influence in the professional photos as inspiration to take my own photographs. However, my photos need to be relevant to my story for them to fit in right with what is going on. From my research I discovered that some images that professionals used didn’t match up right with the action or genre of the story and therefore looked out of place and awkward.
  • I have also found inspiration in the primary research I have done, which is trying out the software, cameras and looking at how other people have created their stories. I have also been shown and told suggestions from my tutors from different games that have given me inspiration for how I want to approach my story.
  • For the sound in my interactive story I wanted minimal sounds until I started to research examples of professional work and realised that with minimal sounds the story can be very boring and with too much sound the story can be very busy and interruptive. So I decided to use more sound in areas where there is more action and less sound when the scenes have less action.
Survey —
Images for Inspiration: Teenage bedrooms — January 22, 2015

Images for Inspiration: Teenage bedrooms


I looked at styles of bedrooms for the main character, this is important because it is the place in the story where the charatcer is most comfortable and at home. I wanted something that was welcoming and resembled the character well.


Visuals: I like the visuals in these photos as they are very unique to the person. The bedrooms would fit perfectly in with my character because of the unique style of them.