Projects For Media

Project One: Secondary & Primary Research — October 20, 2014

Project One: Secondary & Primary Research

Secondary Research: My secondary research consisted of looking at relevant artists who created Graphic Designs. One artist I found was Jack Crossing, who I had never heard of before this project. I researched his graphic designs and general information about him, his designs gave me a lot of inspiration for my DVD cover. From his designs I took away the idea of a slight illusion effect, and the idea of multiple photos put into one. I really liked looking into professional examples as they all gave me a lot of inspiration and helped me to understand how a DVD cover needed to look.

Primary Research: As part of my primary research I gathered DVD’s from around my home to look at and compare to others, I think this really helped as I was able to compare the styles of genres and how professionals approached the ideas they had. As well as this I collected images that I had already taken that might have suited the DVD cover I was planning to do, and I also went out and took relevant images. By doing this I had the chance to change any ideas to suit the DVD cover I wanted to do, if the photos I had, or took didn’t fit in well with my ideas.



Project One: Day 4; Monday 22nd September  

Today I focused on creating drafts for my final design as it would help me look for inspiration and ideas as well as practising my skills on photoshop. The drafts also helped me to decide which images I wanted to include within my final piece. I chose to create two pieces digitally, and one hand drawn. The first draft had a darker more mysterious theme with hints of green to enhance the apocalyptic aspect. Whereas the second draft had a slightly lighter theme to create a slightly different atmosphere.



Project One: Day 3; Wednesday 17th September

The aim for today was to collect images online or my own, to create a moodboard with them. For this process I used photoshop as with it I could edit the images and make them more appealing, as well as enhancing my skills, again. I created 3 moodboards, the first contained images that linked to my idea in general, and the second contained images on my ideas about what I wanted the characters to look like. And the third had images about the type of environment I wanted for my characters.

Moodboard One – Environment

Moodboard Two – Characters

Jack Crossing – Graphic Designer —

Jack Crossing – Graphic Designer

Jack Crossing, from London, England; is an award- winning Graphic Designer. He attended Bath Spa University and graduated in 2008 with first class honours in graphic communication. Jack then moved to London and worked for Empire Designs for 5 years, designing film posters. He has worked on many different products from albums covers and film posters to identity design and image making. I chose to use this artist because I think his work is very unique and new, he also appeals to me because he ranges in his work and doesn’t focus on one product, like some other graphic designers. His work ranges from not only one type of product (such as album covers) but he also ranges his designs. Each piece of work revolves around a different topic or idea. My personal favourite piece by Jack is probably the bird. Mainly because it is a simple piece of work but has a lot of detail and it very different to a lot of things I have seen.

For my final idea I would like to do something like Jack where in I would mix images together to create a single image. I like this idea because it can create something very unusual and is very artistic.

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Project One: Day 2; Tuesday 16th September

Today, we focused on learning how to use photoshop. We had a photo of ourselves which we added layers to and drew on using different tools, I preferred the brush tool because it was easy to use and had man different effects. I enjoyed this because I got to experiment and try something new. I think I will use photoshop for my final design because it was fairly easy to use, with plenty of different options to make my design better. I will look forward to using photoshop as I can enhance my skills and add a better effect or atmosphere to my work. When my photoshop avatar was finished I uploaded it to the moodle website as my profile avatar.

I also researched a graphic designer for inspiration. The graphic designer I chose was Jack Crossing because his work was very unique and different to other graphic designers work. This was very helpful because I was able to gather ideas while looking at different artists and how they approach their ideas.

My Story Idea – Rough Draft —

My Story Idea – Rough Draft

Project One:

  • Part of an apocalyptic aspect, with soldiers guarding an object or person.
  • While coming into contact with obstacles and problems along the way.
  • Transporting and protecting the object or person to another place (across a desert, forest, abandoned city).
  • Futuristic (vehicles, environment, weapons etc).
  • 4 main characters – main soldier, scientist and two high end scientists/leaders.
  • A virus wipes out plant and wildlife, creates toxins and destroys the planet. Making it uninhabitable.
Job Roles in Graphic Design —

Job Roles in Graphic Design

Project one: 

Game designer: The job of a game designer is to design the content and process of a game which usually takes place in the pre-production stage of creating a game. Another job they have is to design the game play, environment, characters and any other aspects to the game. A game designer would need a lot of experience in design and usually a degree or some experience/higher qualification in Mathematics, English or anything related to game production.