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Project Four: More Colour Splash — November 13, 2014

Project Four: More Colour Splash


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More colour splash photography editing but this time using images I have found online. I’ve used all images of flowers as I love flowers and nature but I also think they flowers make a very good colour splash photo because they have a lot of different shades of colours.

Project Four: Finished Project —

Project Four: Finished Project


This is my finished project which I included multiple ideas into. One idea I had was to just take basic images of the places around the town and write a bit about them and why people like them so much. I also had the idea to put my images into a film strip design to give an old, vintage effect, this is inspired by something I saw in the museum as research. However this didn’t turn out as I hoped because the images lost their quality.

The ideas I came up with were influenced by my research as many of the professionals I looked at used landscapes in their work but as there were only a handful of landscapes that are popular in Shrewsbury so I decided to stick with landscapes but us buildings and monuments instead.

Project Four: Evaluation —

Project Four: Evaluation

Production Title: Photography – History of Shrewsbury
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin
Poor OK Good Excellent N/A
Subject J


Composition J


Focus F J


Lighting M J


Aesthetic J


Post-production J


Presentation JF M
Audience J


Overall Rating JF


All of my ratings above from myself and my peers are OK to excellent which I am very pleased with as I put a lot of time and effort into taking and editing the photos to give them the look I wanted. I went for the idea of taking my photos of the older places in Shrewsbury that have been around for years. I also decided I wanted to edit the photos so that they had an old, rustic feel to them in the sense that they would then fit in with the idea of Shrewsbury being an old town. I tried to make my photos very aesthetic and tried to make the buildings or statues stand out from their surroundings. I liked the way my edited photos turned out and by the ratings of my peers, they did too. However, I think the lighting should be a lot better than it is because some of the photos are quite dark as I either had the camera on the wrong settings or I took them late in the evening. I could have improved this by editing the lighting on Photoshop beforehand.

I think my presentation of my photos and the information I wrote about them looks very professional and formal, so I really like it. My peers also liked my presentation as well which I am very pleased with as I put a lot of effort into arranging the photos and making sure the presentation was good. My photos don’t have a direct audience, so I think they would suit all audiences.

Overall, I think that my photos and the effects turned out very well and I am pleased with them. Although I don’t like the lighting in most photos I think they are of good quality and show the effect and feel I was going for in this project.


Primary, Secondary & Professional Research —

Primary, Secondary & Professional Research

My primary research consists of trying out the cameras and taking a lot of test shots. I took test shots of around Shrewsbury so that I had practise in taking photos of the objects I wanted, these turned out to be my final shots because I liked them so much. I also used photoshop a lot because I wanted more knowledge about the software before uploading my own photos to it. Me and my friend Fin took practise shots using a tripod to upload to photoshop and edit. We emerged the photos into one to create a composition. Using photoshop I also created colour splash photos, some using my own photographs and some I found online.
For my secondary research I chose to research Ian Egner, Michael Kenna, Charlie Waite and Ross Hoddinott. This helped me to see what kind of photography different artists used. I choose these people because they used landscapes and animals in their work which gave me inspiration for my final shots. I also chose to research different types of photography, the types of photography that I liked mostly were: Astrophotography, Black & White, Macro, Nature and Underwater. I chose these because not only did they appeal to me but they linked with my idea of taking photos of around the town. I leaned more towards Charlie Waite’s photography when doing my own because he took more photos of buildings or objects than the other photographers did.


The professionals I researched each had their own personal style which influenced my work, for some photos I chose to do in black & white like Michael Kenna because I loved his work so much and wanted to include his style. I also took photos of landscapes, or rather building/monuments, which linked loosely to all of the photographers.

Project Four: Final and Test Shots —

Project Four: Final and Test Shots

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My own photos taken around Shrewsbury of the old and new buildings and monuments. Some are edited with a colour effect and some are left as they were taken, the Library is in black and white because I thought the dark colours resembled the old in the building but yet are still smart and formal as the building once was. The Abbey is in a dusk colour tone as I liked the way the colours looked against the reddish bricks of the building. Finally the Quarry Bandstand and the Theatre Severn are left natural because of the many colours in each photo, which I thought needed to remain natural.

Project Four: Colour Splash — November 12, 2014
Project Four: Compositing Photography —

Project Four: Compositing Photography


Using the images I took yesterday and Photoshop I made a composition by putting the images together and erasing the areas that were not needed.

This effect is really interesting and looks great for one idea I have for my final piece. I want to take photos around Shrewsbury of the popular places and put them together with an old photo of that exact place. This effect would work really well with this idea because I can make the photographs look as though they are one.

Although this effect is rather tricky to do because I would have to get the images to be in the exact same place, I would really like how the effect turns out.