To create my 2025 photos I thought of using light colours, crisp, clean backgrounds and something to include nature. I chose to layer my photos onto a Polaroid style background which I then placed an image of leaves onto and changed the opacity so that it looked fainter than the rest of the image as I didn’t want the leaves photo to stand out as much. I then placed a newspaper print on top of this, which I also changed the opacity too to make it fainter. The newspaper print and leaves photo mixed well together and made my backgrounds look a lot more naturistic. The final step I did was to tint the background with a certain colour from the photo that the background was underneath, for example I took a blue from the sky (in the photo below) and tinted the background with this blue. I used this idea because I liked how it looked but it also made the blue in the sky stand out more. forest

The reason for using a newspaper print as part of the background was to create the illusion that the photos were from the future and new. As something new is usually told in a newspaper or the news to show people about it.