My research is influenced through the professional examples I look at, for this project my research came from sources online.  I use the influence in the professional photos as inspiration to take my own photographs. Whatever research I do has to be relevant to my ideas otherwise it won’t help me in my work. The research I have found goes very well with my ideas as the work of the professionals is very similar to my ideas.

I found lots of inspiration while taking my practise shots for the primary research I did. While taking and looking at my own photos and comparing them to professionals I managed to come up with more ideas that I originally started with. Although most of my research is secondary because I preferred to look at professionals work as it was of a higher standard and had more of a range of abilities and styles which I could try out.

While doing my research I came across an artist named Veronika Pinke, her work really influenced mine as she had images ranging from positive/’nice’ landscapes, to negative/darker landscapes which is exactly what I needed for my idea.