To create my project I needed to first create some sort of planning. Not only to help me to keep track of what I am completing but also to show my tutors that I have planned my process to creating my project and explored different ideas, not just jumped straight into my first idea.

For my planning I created a Production Proposal, Pitch and Photography Planning sheet. All these parts of my planning helped me towards creating my project for different reasons. The Production Proposal and Pitch helped me to show my tutors what I had planned for my project and allowed them to give me constructive criticism on what I needed to improve or change. It also helped me narrow down which ideas I wanted to go with and helped me to tweak my planning and improve the time limit.

Whereas my Photography Planning sheet helped me to plot out where I took my photos, the effect that I wanted to put on them and what the atmosphere was like for each photo. This shows I had planned where I wanted to take my photos.