When creating my ideas I looked into my last photography project which was project 4 as I found a lot of inspiration from it. I came across multiple different ideas while creating my final project, however, a lot of these ideas I had to get rid of as they would have been too difficult to approach or would have taken to long for me to complete in the given time for the project.

To help me with my idea development I created different mind maps to scatter out my ideas and to choose which ones would work best. This helped as I was able to view all of my ideas in one place and decide between them, as well as improving and changing them easily. I created three mind maps, one for my general ideas, one for locations of where I was going to take my photos and one for the theme of 2025.

However, before creating my mind maps I created a survey for my peers to answer so I could get an understanding of what type of photography my peers like as well as what they think the world will be like in 10 years time; this was very important as it helped me discover what my peers like, therefore shows me what ideas of mine would be most effective.