Oil Effect 

Before heading straight into photography I used some of the shots I had already taken to practise my skills on and to explore the effects that are on Photoshop. By doing this I was able to try out different things which could make my photographs more interesting to look at and more appealing. I was able to create the effect below by using an oil painting effect. I loved the way it looked some of my photos as it added a really creative texture to them and made the photograph look less realistic and as though they were painted. However, I don’t think I will use this for my final photographs as the texture and effect isn’t as noticeable on some photos as others.

Even though I will not be using this effect I still think it was worth my time as I was able to expand my skills and knowledge on Photoshop as well as allowing me to explore the different styles and effects to choose from.
Blossom OE
Dingle OE

Forest OE

Sunset OE

Flowers OE

Tulip OE