Dingle (unedited)DSC_0032 DSC_0039These are a few practice shots I took over the weekend to try out using my DLSR and phone camera and to see what kind of shots and photographs I can take and how each turned out. I really like these photos as I think they look slightly professional and I like the result I got from trying out two different styles of cameras. The first photo has a slight effect on it as it was taken with an app on my phone, but I think the effect enhances the colours in the water and plants. I was very proud of the way I managed to capture the reflections on this photo and the way the sunlight hit the water. Out of these three photos I took, the last one is my favourite because I really like the way the light comes through the trees and how rich in colour the green looks. I also like how the flecks of blue from the sky show through the gaps in the trees.