Production Risk Assessment 

Production Title: Final Major Project: Time Changes Everything
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin
Hazards: Hazard Details:
Are there any risks to the crew or actors from the environment including heights, drops, weather etc.? In bad weather such as rain or snow the camera or equipment could get wet and give me an electric shock. To prevent this I could use an umbrella or rain protective cover when using equipment and my camera outside.


In certain areas that require me to go up heights or somewhere I may hurt myself I need to make sure I am careful.

Are there any risks to the crew or actors in the set including wet, slippery, unclean or badly surfaced floors, faulty or inappropriate equipment, chemicals or hazardous substances etc.? Floors in some of the areas I am taking photos in could be slippy from cleaning or food/drink items. So I need to watch where I am walking.

Some areas may be very busy with people or traffic so to avoid hazards I need to look out for vehicles and avoid walking into people.

Wires or straps from the camera or equipment can be loose or left around causing people to trip over them, to avoid this I need to make sure all wires and spare equipment is put away safely and out of the way.

Are there any risks to the crew or actors during filming that training may be required for? General understanding and knowledge of health and safety and hazards around you. And the environment you’re in.

How to use the equipment and cameras to expand knowledge and not break equipment or hurt ourselves.