Idea Progress: While making changes and updating my mind map I came up with another idea. I want to create a sort of slide show with all of my photographs from 2015 to 2025, these will be displayed flashing through them quickly then played again but shown slowly so that my audience can see the photos. This will show the changes and show how I think the 10 years will evolve, like a time line. This idea was inspired by a TV programme introduction I have seen called The Big Bang Theory, in this the photographs are shown quickly as though they are being flipped through.

Research: The Big Bang Theory
The start of this TV programme has images of the history through time which are shown in a time line style but very quickly. I was inspired by this because it is something different and unique, I also thought that my audience would find it interesting. Below is a short YouTube clip of the introduction to The Big Bang Theory, from 6 seconds to 16 seconds is the part that I am interesting in trying to recreate with my own images. = The Big Bang Theory Introduction.BBT intro

These photographs are from the introduction for the Big Bang Theory, this shows me that to get something about the same length of time as the intro I would need to take about 100 photos, which I think is a good enough number of photographs. However, I think as I am showing my photos slowly after showing them quickly, I wouldn’t need 100 photos, but could use less.