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Here is my first mind map for this project, this helps me to plan and keep track of my ideas and which ones I want to use. My main idea is to use photography and show the progression of what I hope the year 2025 to be. The progression is from bad too good, for example going from war and ruined environments to peace and better environments. I want to use black and white photography for the photos of the war and ruined environment aspects in the present/past. Then I want to use colour photography for the future parts to represent the change and the happiness in the better aspects.

I updated my mind map to fit in all my new ideas of my final major project, I also made changes and improvements to my original idea so that they were better and more clear. I made sure that I included quick ideas that came into my head, even if I wasn’t sure I would use them, as they might come in handy later on in the project.