Production Proposal

Production Title: Final Major Project
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin
Media (the media you will be using e.g. video, photography, animation etc.):
To create my final major project I will be using photography.
Title (your working name for the production):
Time changes everything.
Concept (the idea behind your production):
The idea I have come up with is to take a series of photographs that show the change from 2015 to 2025. With the 2015 photos showing the bad sides of the environment in black and white. Whereas the 2025 photos will show how I hope 10 years to be, showing the planet as a better place, in colour photography.
Client (who requested the production):
My course tutor, Paula Whitlow requested the production.
Deadlines (date your production must be completed):
22nd June
Delivery (where and how will your production be displayed):
My production will be displayed on my WordPress blog and at the FMP summer show.
Demographic, geo-demographic & psychographic (profile of your productions target audience):
Demographic: To help me to create my production I created a survey in order to know what gender, age and preferences people have. Most of the people who took my survey were 16+ which means my story will have to be ideal for ages 16+ but also ideal for a PG rating.


In my survey I asked what genre people like best and other questions like; ‘what type of photography do you prefer?’ and ‘What do you think the planet will be like in 2025?’ The answers I got from these helped me to settle on an idea.

Equipment (hardware and software you will use):
The hardware I will be using is a DLSR camera and a tripod.

The software I will be using is Photoshop to edit my photos.

Techniques (specialist techniques you will use):
I will be using various camera techniques as well as different techniques on Photoshop to get my photos how I want them.
Resources (props or materials you will use):
I will be using the internet to find places that I know of to take my photos in. As well as using a tripod to keep my camera balanced for certain photos.
Budget (estimated costs for all equipment and resources you will use):
For the budget I have researched online at the different things I will be using to create my production and found an overall price for each thing.

·       Macbook: £999-£1200

·         Nikon DLSR: £279

·         Tripod: £30+

·         Photoshop CS6: £556

·         Pencil: 10p+

·         Pen: £1

Collaboration (people you will work with including peers, tutors and actors):
So far I don’t have anyone I need to work with as my photographs won’t have people in.
The first constraint in this production will be the time limit and how much time within college and my personal free time I have to finish the production.

The second will be the software, I can only do certain parts of the production in class because I do not have the software at home.

The final constraints will be the weather and location as the weather is unpredictable so I may not be able to take photos outdoors. The location is also an issue because it limits what I can/am allowed to take photos of.

Goals (what you will learn/gain from the production):
From this production I will gain more experience from the software and will be able to use it and understand it more. I will also gain another piece of work to add to my portfolio to show universities and work places in the future. I will also be able to improve on my photography skills, which is very important to me.