Veronika Pinke is a German photographer known for her use of Photoshop to get her desired look in her work. Veronika’s work is very different to other photographers I have seen before and I think is a lot more creative. The way her work looks to me makes me think of dreams, the colours and effects on the photographs make me think of the way we see dreams. I love Veronika’s work because it is so different to other photographs I have seen before and stand out above other photographers.

Why I chose this photographer:
I chose to do research on Veronika Pinke as the contrast between her darker photos to her lighter photos really interested me, as well as releasing that her work influenced my ideas greatly. I think her black and white or darker photos work well with my idea as they appear gloomy and depressing. This would work well with my idea of having darker photos for my 2015 photos, the photos Veronika has taken have given me a lot of inspiration for some of my own photographs.

Not only do the darker/black & white photos Veronika has taken influence my work but also do her coloured photographs. The second half of my idea works well with these photos, as I wanted to use brighter, more positive photos.

Black and white (girl) Dark fields Destroyed building Flowers Grass and sun Hay bales Rail track ShedResources: