Ross Hoddinott: a5

My favourite image from my research into Ross Hoddinott would have to be the one below, of the robin. This is because I love the simplicity of this image and how Ross has managed to capture the movement in the photo so well. The way he has shot the image, with the background blurred out and the bird in full view, creates a main focus in the photo; which therefore makes the bird stand out.

vinyl1_2198538b hvg97g colour-splashAgain while looking back at my past projects I noticed the research that I did on Ross Hoddinott, his photos gave me inspiration towards half of my idea. Ross Hoddinott has approached his work in a more pleasant way in terms of the colours used in his photography, he uses coloured photos which give a happier more positive feeling. This gave me inspiration towards half my idea because I also want to use coloured photos to aim for the same feeling in my photos. As well as using coloured photos, Ross Hoddinott’s work revolves around nature and the environment which is what my main idea consists of.

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