For my original idea I wanted to do photography and show the changes in the years, from 2015 to 2025. I decided I wanted to show 2015 with the war elements and the ‘bad’ areas of the environment, for example broken down buildings etc. Then show the progression from 2015 to how I hope 2025 to be. I decided for this I wanted the environment to be much better, for example show the green lands, forests, flowers (nicer areas of the planet). I also wanted to show 2015 with no war and no famine (which I haven’t yet thought of how I could do this). I thought this was a good idea because it showed the progress and changes that the 10 year difference could make.

For the 2015 photos I want to do these in black and white, as I love black and white photography and I also thought that this would look really good as it would give a gloomy effect and make these photos darker than the 2025 photos. As for the 2025 photos I want to have these in colour so I can give the effect that the 10 years will have an effect on the planet and making it a better place. The colour photography would make the 2025 photos look happier and more positive.