Michael Kenna: While looking back at my last photography project I realised that the style of Michael Kenna’s photography would suit the first half of my idea, as the black and white suits the gloomy parts of the idea. The black and white would look good with the photos of destroyed places in my photos.

Michael Kenna’s work revolves around black and white photography in the style of long exposure which has inspired me to try using long exposure photography in my final major project. I have chosen to try this because I haven’t tried this before and it will expand on my photography skills, making me better at what I do. I love all of his photos because they are all unique to his style and are very obvious to being his own work. I also love his work because the use of lighting and colours make the photos different to anything I have seen from another photographer before.

a5 colour-splash hvg97gAbove is my favourite photo in Michael Kenna’s work as it is very different to anything I have seen before. It also creates the atmosphere of being gloomy and dull but also very mysterious which I really liked.  vinyl1_2198538b

Resources: All images are from http://www.michaelkenna.net/