Primary: When doing my own research for project eight I decided to take some practice shots in my free time of a friend doing different movements, however, after looking back at the photos I decided I wanted to use cartoon characters because I thought it would look good against the realistic backgrounds of a street and pub I had chosen. To find the main character who would be the drink driver in my animation I firstly looked online to see if there was anything I could use as a cutout on there. But when I had no luck finding anything that would work I asked a peer, who is good at animation drawing, to create me a character to how I wanted it to look. Then I uploaded this onto Photoshop and added colour and detail to it. As for my secondary character I found something online which I also uploaded to Photoshop and added colour and detail to.

Secondary: As for my secondary research I had collected professional research and examples of animations and infomercials for inspiration. For this I looked into the idea of montage animation with the use of actors, but as I was researching this I decided I wanted to do stop motion animation as I had done a small amount of stop motion before so I found it interesting. I then researched different types of stop motion, I found a professional example of the use of cutouts in stop motion animation which I found very interesting. I also researched different types of animations such as infomercials, stop motion and key fame animation which were all related to my ideas.