• My research is influenced through the professional examples I look at, this could be from looking at images online or looking through books. I use the influence in the professional photos as inspiration to take my own photographs. However, my photos need to be relevant to my story for them to fit in right with what is going on. From my research I discovered that some images that professionals used didn’t match up right with the action or genre of the story and therefore looked out of place and awkward.
  • I have also found inspiration in the primary research I have done, which is trying out the software, cameras and looking at how other people have created their stories. I have also been shown and told suggestions from my tutors from different games that have given me inspiration for how I want to approach my story.
  • For the sound in my interactive story I wanted minimal sounds until I started to research examples of professional work and realised that with minimal sounds the story can be very boring and with too much sound the story can be very busy and interruptive. So I decided to use more sound in areas where there is more action and less sound when the scenes have less action.