• I used my different ideas from project five, which was writing a story based on A Hero’s Journey, and used these ideas to influence my interactive story. I completed different mind maps to scatter out my ideas and choose which ones were best and which I didn’t like. I created three mind maps, one for my general ideas, one for environments and one for characters. This helped me to narrow down and sort out my ideas for not only the main story but the characters and environments.
  • The main mind map included my general ideas; so things from how I would create the story to what the story is about. I kept most of my ideas from this mind map as they were easy enough to create and didn’t put strain on my time limit. Although I did change some ideas to expand and develop them. The ideas I didn’t include were things that would have been too difficult to create or for the audience to understand.
  • Before creating my mind maps I created a survey to get an understanding of what ages and genders my audience consisted of and what aspects they like in a story or game. Doing this survey helped me to narrow down ideas and create mind maps which involved the aspects that my audience liked. Most of my audience were ages 16+ and like fantasy or horror which means I will be creating an interactive story for ages 16+ but will need to be a PG rating.