Production Scene List

The production scene list is short because it only need to have a short description of each scene title.

Production Title: Interactive Story (Werewolf)
Student Name/s: Megan Dorin


Scene Number: Scene Title:
One How It All Began

In this scene the player will start off in a café with their mentor. Here they will be told what to do and why

Two The Questioning

The scene will then change to the next day where the player wakes up in their room. Here they’ll find the key.

Three The First Clue

When the player has figured out the first clue they will be redirected to a screen with multiple environments to choose where they think the item is.

Four Find the werewolf tooth

The next item is in the forest and is the werewolf tooth. Here the player will have to look in bushes and around trees to find the tooth but the area will be dark and hard to see.

Five Find the locket

The locket is found in the café hanging underneath a hat on a coat rack. This is the café where the game begins.

Six Find the moon charm

This item is in the player’s bedroom.

Seven Find the old journal

The journal is found in the apartment where the character lives.

Eight Find the diamond

The diamond is in the café in the till so the player will have to hunt around for it.

Nine Find the dagger and poison

These items are found in the forest again because they were left there from a recent battle between the werewolves and vampires.

Ten Find the letter

The letter is in the bedroom left on the bed from the character’s parents.

Eleven Find the pocket watch

The pocket watch is in the apartment which indicates the game is nearly up

Twelve Completed the journey

When the player has collected the final item they will find themselves in the forest looking in a mirror as a wolf.