Fighting Fantasy – Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson

This interactive story is different from 3 Dreams of Black as it doesn’t have a character in an environment but rather is an actual ebook that the reader/player can interact with by turning pages, clicking on objects and images etc.

Fighting Fantasy tells a Tolkien-like story and allows the reader/player to develop the story how they would like. These books can be downloaded to phones, tablets, computers etc and allow the reader/player to turn pages to get to the next stage like going through passages. This creates a sort of adventure.

I would like to use the idea of an actual story and the way Fighting Fantasy is laid out to develop my own ideas. I prefer how Fighting Fantasy is created so the reader/player can turn pages but still click on images etc to interact with the story, rather than a straight forward journey through an environment. This means the reader/player can still read the story and understand it as well as playing through the obstacles and different stages. The official Fighting Fantasy website.

fighting_fantasy_house_of_hell_4 This is an example of how this type of interactive story works. In this example there are buttons that the reader/player can choose which will take them to different pages in the story to start a new journey or complete another stage. This also allows them to develop the story how they want. fighting-fantasysorcery-2010-03Visuals: The visuals in this are different to anything I have seen before, but I like them because they are unusual and different to anything else. The animation is in the form of a book which the player can read as well as interact with. The images in the stories are very fantasy like and unrealistic.

Interactivity: The interactivity in this is very simple, which I like, the player can click on the buttons to direct them to a different page to chose options within the game/story. They can also swipe sideways to turn the pages to continue reading. I like the simplicity in this interactivity as well as the way the player can chose options to make the story go how they want, this is something I would like to do in my production.

Sound: In this production I noticed that the sounds were very basic but worked very well with the ideas and story line. The music throughout the whole animation is very fantasy like which suits the story as the genre of the story is fantasy.