cut-example  Cut : A visual transition created in editing in which one shot is replaced on screen by another, introducing a new topic.

match_on_action Continuity editing: Editing that creates action that flows smoothly across shots and scenes without jarring visual inconsistencies, this establishes a sense of story for the viewer.

3230199_orig  Cross cutting: Cutting back and forth quickly between two or more lines of action, indicating they are happening simultaneously and are usually linked to one event.

dissolve  Dissolve: A gradual scene transition, either at the beginning or end of the scene. The editor overlaps the end of one shot with the beginning of the next one.

shot-reverse-shot-w4yepu Eyeline match: The matching of eyelines between two or more characters. For example, if Character 1 looks to the right in shot A, Character 2 will look to the left in shot B. This establishes a relationship of proximity and continuity.