jennifer-lawrence-close-up-1080p-hd-wallpaper-girls-1024x576     Aerial: This is an exterior film shot taken from the air, usually using helecoptors or large cranes. Occassionally the images are taken from high buildings opposite the location of the photos, ie from the rooftops. This type of shot is often used to get a whole view of the location/area or to create an effect.

Arc Shot: This is a shot where the object or person is surrounded by cameras, either each camera will take a turn to shoot or one camera circles the object. Some definitions of the arc shot describe it as being tracking and dollying at the same time, i.e. simultaneous side-to-side and in-and-out movement.

jennifer-lawrence-close-up-1080p-hd-wallpaper-girls-1024x576  Close up: A shot that only keeps the persons face or an object in the centre of the screen. The camera closes in on the object usually to enhance the importance of that object or the face ususally to show clearly facial expressions or again the importance of the person. This is possibly one of the most important shots in cinematic story telling.

ws   Wide Shot: The subject takes up the full frame, or at least as much as comfortably possible. This shows the subject in their environment but is still close enough to see them clearly.

CutIn   Cut In: This shows the part of the object or person in detail, usually to show importance or for a better look.   

271 Over the Shoulder Shot: Looking at the object or person over the other persons shoulder. This shows how both people are acting or creates an effect for the audience.

camera_tilt   Tilt Shots: Tilting up or down is one of the simplest camera techniques there are. If the tilting is done well the shot can be very effective and look great.