The Hero’s Journey – My Story
Stage Details My Story:
1  THE ORDINARY WORLD Lennox lives in a boring city, where nothing happens, no one pays attention to her and she finds it very hard to make friends.
2  THE CALL TO ADVENTURE Once figuring out who her stalker is she discovers she is a werewolf and so are her parents.
3  REFUSAL OF THE CALL Her parents refuse to tell her anything about herself and the werewolf world because it is dangerous.
4  MEETING WITH THE MENTOR The stalker/new friend (Elijah) takers Lennox to her mentor, who turns out to be an old man who owns a café, undercover hiding from other werewolves.
5  CROSSING THE THRESHOLD Finally after persuasion her parents give in to telling Lennox everything she needs to know about them and herself. She finds that now she knows about herself being a werewolf she will start to turn into one. This happens whenever she is in danger or whenever she chooses.
6  TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES To learn how to use her abilities and strength as a werewolf she gets taught by Castiel (her mentor). As Elijah (her allie) takes her around the city showing her werewolf hotspots she meets Klaus (a leader of another pack) who quickly becomes her enemy.
7  APPROACH TO THE IN-MOST CAVE Lennox hits realization when told she holds a lot of strength and power, in which she inherited from her parents. And that she must lead her werewolf pack into battle with Klaus’ pack.
8  THE ORDEAL Leading her pack into battle Lennox saves Elijah and another werewolf from the other pack called Rebekah. Elijah almost dies from wounds. And Rebekah has been poisoned to reveal her human side, stopping her from turning back.
9  THE REWARD The reward Lennox receives is peace from both packs, a close relationship with both her parents, her parents can take their place back as high leaders. And she makes new friends.
10  THE ROAD BACK Wanting to be normal, have a normal family and walk around the city without worry of turning she takes a poison which destroys her werewolf side.
11  THE RESURRECTION Lennox realizes she wants to help the werewolves and finds a way to become werewolf whenever she wants again.
12  RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR Her and her parents move from their home closer to the werewolf side of the city to help, rule and be free to be who they are.