My primary research consists of trying out the cameras and taking a lot of test shots. I took test shots of around Shrewsbury so that I had practise in taking photos of the objects I wanted, these turned out to be my final shots because I liked them so much. I also used photoshop a lot because I wanted more knowledge about the software before uploading my own photos to it. Me and my friend Fin took practise shots using a tripod to upload to photoshop and edit. We emerged the photos into one to create a composition. Using photoshop I also created colour splash photos, some using my own photographs and some I found online.
For my secondary research I chose to research Ian Egner, Michael Kenna, Charlie Waite and Ross Hoddinott. This helped me to see what kind of photography different artists used. I choose these people because they used landscapes and animals in their work which gave me inspiration for my final shots. I also chose to research different types of photography, the types of photography that I liked mostly were: Astrophotography, Black & White, Macro, Nature and Underwater. I chose these because not only did they appeal to me but they linked with my idea of taking photos of around the town. I leaned more towards Charlie Waite’s photography when doing my own because he took more photos of buildings or objects than the other photographers did.


The professionals I researched each had their own personal style which influenced my work, for some photos I chose to do in black & white like Michael Kenna because I loved his work so much and wanted to include his style. I also took photos of landscapes, or rather building/monuments, which linked loosely to all of the photographers.