Ian Egner is a professional photographer with over 8 years experience who encountered his first commercial job when he was aged 15. His photos have been published in local and national newspapers, magazines, books and on many blogs and websites. His specialists are Commercial, Fashion, Travel and Landscape. Ian travels the UK in search of assignments and is willing to travel abroad for the right work. His approach to photography ‘is always centred around good communication between myself, the subject and the client’. As Ian’s work has many different specialists he has a range of different photographs to choose from. I have chosen to only include his Travel and Landscape photography as this is the theme I am especially interested in. (But Ian has many, many other pieces of amazing work). Ian plays with light quite a bit, a few of his photographs show light manipulation. Egner-Photography-DerwentWater-Keswick-Cumbria-United-Kingdom-IMG_7645-720x480  vbnvbn    vbnvbnvbn