For this project I researched into multiple professional examples such as Walt Disney, Windsor McCay and Len Lye. I researched Walt Disney, who is famous for his well known animations, as I have always enjoyed his work while growing up so I already knew quite a bit about his work and films, this made my research a lot more interesting. When relating his work to my own there a lot of differences that are very obvious, although I didn’t take many ideas, apart from the young audience idea, from Walt Disney his work inspired me plenty.

I also looked at Windsor McCay’s work, who created multiple hand drawn scenes which when put together flow smoothly as an animation. I loved his work because each little drawing became a bigger part of story which I found really entertaining. I was hoping to create something along the lines of Windor’s work but due to my lack of skills and the time limit we had I chose to use the idea of very simple animations which was influenced by his work.