Project Two: Day 3; Thursday 2nd October

For today I planned out and created my mind maps and moodboard. For one of my moodboards I planned out what type of characters I had in mind, the type I want is a dumb, silly character (preferably an animal). I want this because it will be different then having a superhero that actually helps. The animal idea is a lot different too as most superheroes are human, the animal I like the idea of mostly is a dog or pig. A dog because everyone loves a dog so it will be well loved, cute and underestimated by everyone (in the animation). I also chose a pig as it was slightly different to an average cat, dog or everyday pet, this superhero would be also cute and underestimated because of its cuteness.

My superhero that I chose to draw and design, instead of a dog or pig, was a bear because I liked the way it looked and was also slightly unusual, especially because I have never seen any superhero character on TV, or in videos to be a bear. The bear was inspired by a cartoon one I found online, it was very young and cute, with the image I was looking for.