Project Two: Day 2; Tuesday 30th September

Today we learnt how to create a tune or song using Garage Band on the Macs, I have used this app before but never really got a chance to play around with all the different techniques or effects within it. I enjoyed this a lot because I could create something that was different as well as getting inspiration for the kind of tune/song I want to use in my animation. We then uploaded our finished (or nearly finished) tunes to Moodle and listened to everyone’s. This was very helpful because it allowed me to see how everyone else approached the different techniques found in Garage Band.

For the rest of the day I focused on finished up my research and starting a moodboard or mind map to plan out my ideas. The research I did today was the different people who use or create animation products to entertain or even get a message across. I researched Walt Disney, Len Lye, Warner Bros, Windsor McCay and David Wilson. Who all used a different type of animation to create the effect they wanted, the aim of researching different animations and different people was to give myself more inspiration on how and why I wanted to do a certain type of animation. I also looked at the Claymation animation of Morph, who is a clay character made in 1977 as an animation using stop motion effects. I chose to do this as I enjoy the idea of using some mouldable substance such as clay to create my animation with.